Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Essence - Take My Red Away review

Today I'd like to show you the only polish I got from the Legendes of the Sky collection (or trend edition as they call it) by Essence. It's limited and has been around since mid-January, but I still see plenty of them in the shops.

I thought all the colours were a bit boring to be honest, but I did grab the red because I didn't have a usable bright red and the cool shade of this one looked as if it might be just the right colour. There are swatches of the other 5 colours in this collection at Dani's blog and at Parokeets.

Here is the guilty party: 05 Take My Red Away, a bright red without any hint of orange. I'd say it's probably somewhere between ruby and cardinal red with a hint of magenta. It looks a bit muted in the bottle, but that must be the glass, it's fully saturated on the nail.

My camera was insisting on making it more orangey than it is and I had to tweak the pictures in photoshop, but the colour still slightly too warm on my screen (and my skin is too pink now...). What you can see is how beautifully reflective it is. Just a bit darker and I could use my nails as a mirror.
1 coat of P2 Perfect Nail Hardener
2 coats of Essence Legend of the Sky - 05 Take My Red Away
1 coat of Essence Studio Nails - better than gel nail top coat

And the gritty details:
Price & availability: 1,75€ for 10ml. Limited, but still available in drugstores etc.

Formula & application: Take My Red Away applies beautifully, without streaks and is opaque in one not too thin coat ( I used two, just because). I did have some problems with keeping it away from my cuticles, however, I think that was mostly because I had nasty cramps that day and was slightly high on pain killers and as a result my hands were shaky.

Wear & tear: It lasted almost 4 days until the first chips with hardly any noticeable tipwear until then. I was at the computer most of the time however and didn't really do anything taxing. Still, couldn't wish for better for the first time. If you can still find it and are looking for a nice solid red for cold skin types, this one is definitely worth a look.

Unfortunately I did come to the conclusion that I really, really, really dislike such a... RED on my nails. It's just a tad too much for my comfort ;)

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