About Me

My name is Marina, feel free to call me Miri. You might also know me as Carth. Use whichever you prefer, I like 'em all!

At the time of writing this I'm (still) 24 - it won't last for long, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can. I'm in the middle of my library and information science degree and you might notice the one or other sign of an obsessive need to categorise, classify and generally order things - I don't limit myself to books here ;)

I'm going to be blogging about several different topics on this site and I want to give a small introduction to each so that you know what to expect.


As far back as I can think I have been a voracious reader and this is mainly what this blog will be about. The genres I read the most are fantasy and historical, but you'll also find me picking up some classical lit, speculative fiction of all flavours and the occasional crime novel.
Generally I'll read pretty much anything that catches my attention but regardless of how far I stray, I'm always returning to the first two.

Nail Polish

For the longest time I couldn't care less about make-up, cosmetics or any other beauty product. And the suddenly, in September 2011 I started reading and buying and (oh my!) even occasionally using stuff. Nail products quickly crystallised as the most attractive for me and I now own over 50 little bottles - and no desire to stop. Well, my wallet is telling me to, but I've never been any good at listening to it. While still trying to learn how to do a clean mani, I've been already itching to try nailart. What can I say, Impatience is my middle name.
This blog will include:
- NOTD posts
- Reviews
- Documentation of my collection

Everything Else

Further interests that might pop up now and again:
- everything 18th century
- computer games
- tv shows
- baking recipes
- the occasional social justice rant

Contacting me

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment anywhere on this blog or write me an email at carthasis@gmail.com
I speak German, English and Russian fluently and can muddle my way through French if need be.