Friday, January 27, 2012

[NOTD] - P2 forever

For some reason I'm not a huge fan of the P2 polishes. They're okay in terms of formula, application, colour range and the price (€1,55) is great, but I just can't get excited about them.

Still, I use them occasionally when I feel like wearing a cream in some muted greyish colour. Yesterday I chose P2 color victim -  690 Forever.

On the nail it comes out somewhere between a very muted berry an and antique pink with a lot of greyish undertones. It's much lighter in the bottle and I must admit I was a bit disappointed when I first bought it. It's still a nice colour though.

The formula is a bit thick and it's hard to achieve a really thin coat. One slightly thicker coat is entirely sufficient for opacity however, I used two to deepen the colour. Unfortunately my topcoat doesn't seem to like it and I got a bit of shrinkage. *pouts* Doesn't matter though, P2 never lasts more than two days anyway.

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