Thursday, February 9, 2012

[NOTD] - Irreplaceable

I was eager to try this Essence polish because it's being discontinued and I wanted to know if I'll need a backup. As it turns out... I can't quite make up my mind. On the one hand I think it's perfectly gorgeous. On the other, I feel like the colour doesn't suit me at all. I did get a backup bottle in the end because I feel like it sometimes needs 3 (thin) coats to full opacity, which would empty these tiny colour&go bottles very quickly.

So here it is: Essence colour & go - 50 Irreplaceable. Currently selling at 0,95€. Greyish beige (more beige than grey though) filled with tons of very fine silver glitter that flashes gold & lime green. It was very overcast today, so no pretty sunlight reflection - a direct light source tends to bring the greenish gold out better. You can see the effect in the bottle very well however.

Unfortunately, yesterday's Black Ruby stained my nails somewhat after staying on over-night. I only wanted to swatch it and didn't use a base coat. I shall know better next time. As for Irreplaceable, I'm satisfied with the quality in terms of formula and application. My only quibble is the glitter - I thought it would be shimmer or glassflecks because of how fine it is, but no, it's most definitely glitter. This stuff gets everywhere and it sticks to skin like the devil and it being so fine makes it very, very hard to remove. I bet I'll have it all over the next polish still.

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