Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rubies are a girl's best friends.

I popped into a DM today, to reward myself after my last exam and found myself standing in front of the L'Oréal rack. I don't really like L'Oreal (to expensive for a drugstore brand) and until today I didn't own any of their products, but I just couldn't resist the twinkle of little red sale tags. And, oh wonder, the nail polish section had not yet been plucked clean. And, ladies and gentlemen, I found my new love. All it took was one glance to know that we shall be inseparable.

This new love of mine is called L'Oréal Resist & Shine Titanium 734 Black Ruby. A mouthful, but he deserves it. Quick & dirty swatches under lamplight with flash:

This beauty is fully opaque in one coat (two makes the colour a bit darker but is not necessary at all) and it applies smooth as butter. It's a deep dark blackened red with red shimmer. I'm a sucker for the kind of colour.
The original price was somewhere around 8-9€, they are now being sold at 3,75€ in DM shops. I don't think I'd have even looked at it at the original price, so I'm really glad to have lucked out on the sale - it's been going for a couple months and most shops have only uninteresting leftovers now.

Tomorrow I'll swatch the rest of my recent purchases. I just couldn't wait with this one.

*stares at nails*

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