Sunday, February 5, 2012

[NOTD] - It's Franken Time

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but my favourite colours are variations in the black cherry, eggplant and plum spectrum. (I also love dark teal and petrol blue, but less so on nails). Shimmer & micro glitter is always a plus. Preferably shimmer that makes a colour shine from within.

As it so happens, my second ever attempt at making a Franken out of old unused polishes resulted in the ultimate polish for me that combines all of the above. The Pictures don't quite manage to capture its beauty although they come fairly close in colour for once*. There's a bit of that gorgeous sparkle and shimmer missing.

For me, this is the polish of all polishes and it reigns supreme over my collection... At least until I can find a worthy commercial substitute, because boy, that thing is a horror to apply. It's thick as syrup no matter how much thinner I pour into it, it takes ages to dry and it stains like nobody's business when I'm trying to clean up the cuticles after application. At least it doesn't streak. It says a lot about the colour that I'm still willing to go use it.

* Some are blurry, but that only shows the colour better. I didn't do colour adjustments this time. I usually play with all image adjusting measures like levels, contrast, hues, saturation & brightness to get a colour right (usually at the expense of my skin shade) seeing as my camera just really, really sucks.

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