Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shopping mania

I got my measly pay recently I went out to satisfy some very urgent cravings. I think I wanted to stop buying polishes and save up for an online order. Good intentions and all that.

I totally do not regret it at all however, because I got some real beauties that I've been ogling for a while.
From left ro right:
Misslyn - 595 Blue Planet. My first misslyn polish. I actually wanted to get the 646 (as seen here on Tine's blog) but couldn't find it anywhere. Blue Planet is absolutely gorgeous in it's own right however. It's a blue-purple duochrome which is not really visible in the picture. Misslyn has a bunch of very beautiful polishes that are supposed to be fairly good quality. In Germany they can be found in Karstadt, Kaufhof, Müller and some Douglas shops. The colour polishes are 4.95 for 10ml.
BeYu - 330 (I don't think it has a name). I don't really like BeYu - at 5.95 for 8ml it's way too expensive and I haven't been very happy with the only other polish I have of the brand. Unfortunately, I got really hooked by this colour. It's a grey-green with blue-purple glassflecks. A very interesting colour that I haven't seen on many blogs yet. This italian blog has excellent swatches.
BeYu - 209. I'm pretty sure that this is not best version of the lovely unicorn pee polish that can be found on a bunch of blogs. It does say INCI 31 on the label, but... I really have to twist and turn the bottle to get even a tiny glimpse of the multicolour effect of the shimmer :( But since it's apparently no longer available, I took it anyway. Maybe I'll find a better version in a larger Douglas.
Essence colour&go - 50 irreplaceable and 62 reach peach. These are being discontinued and I got them at the 0.95€ discount price. I could smack myself about irreplaceable - it's a lovely beige with gorgeous silver-gold-green glass flecks and for some reason I never paid it any attention before. I'll swatch it over the next days and if I like it I might have to get a second bottle.

I couldn't wait to see what 209 looks like and swatched it over a random black. This is in lamplight. The green does come out, but only if the light comes in at very flat angles. In the last two pictures I held the nail tip almost parallel to the lamp.

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