Saturday, February 11, 2012

BeYu and Misslyn swatches

I woke up to gorgeous sunshine yesterday and immediately used the opportunity to swatch some of the polishes I posted about here.

This post will be very picture heavy as all of them as really lovely and I couldn't limit myself to only one picture. The three I was most eager to see are:

From left to right:
Misslyn - 595 Blue Planet
BeYu - 330
BeYu - 209 Brilliant Shiraz

I didn't bother cleaning up, so forgive me the occasional mess. All pictures taken in daylight, the more yellow ones in direct sunlight.

First up is the most straight forward - Misslyn. It retails at 4.95€ for 10ml in Germany. Blue Planet is a strong clear sea blue that has hints of turquoise in direct sunlight and shifts to purple when in shadow. The formula is a dream and the application was precise and smooth. It was opaque in two coats, though I feel that a third makes the colour deeper. I think that's just a quirk of mine however, because it's not really visible on the pictures. I love it and I didn't want to take it off, but good light is not to be wasted ;)


Next up is BeYu 330. I already knew that it's fairly sheer, so I used several different bases for it. I forgot to take a picture of them before using 330, but the bottles show the colours true. BeYu retails for 5.95€ for 8ml and can be found in Douglas Shops. 330 is a very strange colour. It's somewhere between green, grey and beige and filled to the brim with glass flecks that sparkle blue or purple. The picture mostly caught the purple sparkle, however in reality blue was more dominant. On its own, it's extremely sheer and is not yet opaque in 3 coats. I also don't really like the muddy effect it has with the natural nail colour shining through. With a blue or green base however, the green part of the polish comes to the fore, it gets an almost metallic sheen (not visible on the pictures) and shimmers like crazy. I really like it that way. The formula is not ideal, very runny and a bit tricky to control but not unmanageable.

Index finger: Catrice - Hip Queens wear Blue Jeans + 1 coat 330
Middle finger: Catrice - Jade is not my Name + 1 coat 330
Ring finger: Color Club - Artsy Crafty  + 1 coat 330
Little finger: 3 Coats BeYu 330


And last is the most complicated of them. I had high hopes for this one, based on some swatches I've seen online. Unfortunately the results were no where near as nice as I expected. It's still lovely just not... stunning. I'm talking about BeYu 209 Brilliant Shiraz (INCI 31). Again, I knew it was sheer so I used it over different bases. Looking like a deep red in the bottle, 209 is actually a duochrome red-green shimmer in a sheer fuchsia jelly base that looks purple in deep shadow. On the nail... it's pretty red shimmer in red jelly. I had no colour changing at all, except in the most extreme angles with very contrived light sources and lots of squinting :( Couldn't get a good picture of it either. I'll try some other layerings in the future, but my expectations have been rather dampened.
Thumb: Franken Black (with fine multicoloured shimmer) + 1 coat 209
Index finger: Colour Club - Blue-Topia + 1 coat 209
Middle finger: Catrice - Plum Play With Me + 1 coat 209
Ring finger: P2 - Dangerous Affair + 1 coat 209
Little finger: 3 coats BeYu 209

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