Tuesday, May 1, 2012

KIKO Aureus Pomegranate Swatch & Headsup

This is about KIKO - 397 - Aureus Pomegranate
I just had an absolute Nailgasm when my first hand was done. This polish is stunning! My pictures absolutely do NOT do it justice! There's much more golden shimmer and the colour is less brash and more nuanced. It's super-glossy too. TC isn't really necessary, but I always use a quickdrying one anyway.

This is from the current LE City Summers and costs 4,90€.  Absolutely worth every cent, IMHO!

PSA: If you're interested in KIKO polishes, now is a good time to get them - they currently have a discount on polishes, it's 2,50 € for all colour polishes ( excluding the LE ones, more's the pity).
The regular price is 3,90 €. That is a bit too much for me because I always had a hit and miss record with KIKO, but at 2,50 I just can't say no and will visit my local shop tomorrow ;)

And now back to the gilded pomegranate. Two coats + TC.

If you like fuchsia or berry colours and if you can get KIKO, absolutely have a look at this one - it's truly gorgeous!

EDIT: A review can be found here.


  1. Nailgasm, hahaha! I'm definitely using this expression from now on, with your permission :p

    The colour looks great, and I melt when I think you said the pictures do not do it justice...

    1. It's this... *special* feeling ;)
      I was really surprised - I didn't really like it in the bottle and thought it wouldn't suit me, but it's incredibly flattering on my skin. And of course, there's the pretty shimmer :D