Sunday, May 6, 2012

P2 - Navy Washed Denim (from Denim Delight)

I feel like there's always a jeans/denim collection floating around somewhere, and usually I don't find them particularly exciting, but this recent collection from P2 really was a success as far as polishes go.

The Denim Delight limited edition included four polishes - three shimmers and a creme. The creme was red *yawn* so I passed it over, just as one of the shimmers - a grey with golden shimme, which was too warm for my skin. 
I did get the other two however, a gorgeous light blue with light golden shimmer and a dark blue densely packed with silver shimmer. I only had the chance to wear one so far and I'd like to post it while the collection is still out there.

Ladies and Gents, I give you:

P2 Denim Delight - 020 Navy Washed Denim.
2 Coats + 1 coat Essie Good to Go

As you can see on the second picture and the swatch on the nail tip, Navy Washed Denim has a matte finish - not unlike the OPI suede line, or so I've heard. However, I don't much like the look on myself, so I slapped a glossy TC on anyway.  The glossy finish brings out the pretty shimmer much better.

Ad the gritty details.

Price & availability:  2,45 € for 8 ml in your favourite DM shop or whichever of your local places sells P2. This is from a limited edition that has been out for a while. My shops all still have it though.

Formula & application: it's a bit thickish, due to the tons of shimmer. I also had some problems with bald patches and streaks when I tried a second pass with the brush over the same spot and as a result I needed two coats for most fingers, but if you're quick and precise, you can just slap it on and it'll be fully opaque in one coat.  It most emphaticly did not agree with my BC (Essie Nourish Me) so that might account for my bald patches problems. Since it has a matte finish, it dries pretty fast even without TC.

Wear & tear: On this score, P2 never satisfies me - I suspect their polishes just don't agree with my body chemistry, since many people report good to average wear. This one almost survived one day in the office - towards evening I had some chips and could pull it off those nails entirely. There was no tipwear of the other nails, so I'm not going to exclude the possibility of carelessness on my part.

On the whole P2's Navy Washed Denim is a gorgeous blue with some nice sparkle. It looks well with the original matte finish or a glossy TC - this kind of effect isn't often found in the drugstore price range. For that I'll even forgive the lack of durability and the disagreements with my BC.


Did you get anything from this Limited Edition? And how do you like P2 polishes in general?


  1. I got all three glittery polishes from the collection and really like them! p2 is not bad as a brand in my opinion. Of course it's not a high-end brand so the quality isn't top notch, but the products are very affordable, so I guess you more or less get your money's worth.

    1. I just really don't like their thick formula. And they often chip after only a few hours on me. I feel like Essence makes much better polishes (in their regular line - LEs are hit&miss for me) for about the same price.

  2. Amazing! I'd slap a TC too, I feel like I can't live without it :p Too bad they don't sell P2 in Spain!

    1. I'm too afraid of losing half my mai to chipping after a few hours. I just feel more secure with TC.

      To be honest, I don't think you're missing out - P2 really isn't all that great IMHO, not even for the cheap price. I never had much luck with the polishes and now I only buy them, if there's something really special in an LE... I much prefer Essence, if it comes to low-budget drugstore polishes.