Sunday, May 6, 2012

KIKO Aureus Pomegranate Addendum

Since my original post was just me squeeing over the colour, I wanted to share the rest of the possible pertinent info, like formula, wear, etc.

So. Aureus Pomegranate a.k.a. #397. Honestly, why don't they just print the names on the label, if they bother making them up? I always have to look them up on the homepage.

Price & availability: Kiko polishes are available in Kiko stores or online on their homepage #397 is from the limited City Summer Collection and retails at 4,90 € for 11 ml.

Formula & application: Formula is okay, tends to pool a little, but not too bad. The colour is mostly opaque after two coats but if you make them very thin, you might need three. The drying time is also unremarkable. My only complaint is the brush, really. I feel like the KIKO brush has too many hairs and as a consequence tends to hold too much polish. But that's a quibble, really.

What did surprise me - in a good way - was the complete and utter lack of staining. I pretty much expect a certain amount of stains with reds, purples and blues - at the very least when going at it with polish remover, but nope. Nothing. I had to do some cuticle clean-up and not even a trace of colour afterwards. That was really satisfying.

Wear & tear: Alas, here's the big weakness of KIKO polishes, at least for me, and this one is no exception. I had really visible tipwear after less than one day, dominant hand being much worse than the other. With an extra coat to cover up the wear it lasted for another day, before developing even more tipwear. There wasn't any significant chipping, which is progress I guess. On the whole it lasted about two and a half days. I've had worse from KIKO, with chips after only a few hours, so this isn't too bad and certainly something I'm willing to overlook because the colour, omg, the colour.

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