Thursday, April 26, 2012


Oh my, there's a lot of dust here...

Hello everyone, it appears my suspicions about not having much time during my work experience have been entirely justified - a 'proper' 9-5 workday just isn't very conductive to having enough light for polish-picture-frenzies. I can't say I miss uni however. Even though the hours were better, I really like actually *doing* something that serves a purpose beyond getting good grades...
Also, my nails & cuticles decided that they had missed out during winter (when I had no problems with dryness) and had to have a round of fussing and pampering. They have been in an absolutely deplorable state and I avoided using polish for over a month... well, while the nails still suck, the cuticles are almost okay now, so I'm not quite as reluctant to take close-up pictures any more. And it's almost May now, so no more excuses about light in the evenings.

Back to colour it is. Ladies, I'VE MISSED IT SO MUCH, OMG!

So, coming soon to this tiny corner of the blogosphere:

And much more. See you in a bit!

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