Wednesday, May 9, 2012

P2 - Indigo Denim from Denim Delight

This is the 2nd polish I got from P2's Denim Delight collection - Indigo Denim, a nice dark blue packed to the brim with silver micro-glitter/shimmer. It also has a matte finish - there's so much shimmer it looks almost like a silver polish in some angles with the original finish. A very interesting effect, and really pretty, alas I just don't like mattes on my own nails, even though I think they are gorgeous in theory. No idea why.
With a TC the blue colours stands out more and the shimmer acquires lovely depth and complexity. Yum.

For a review & the product details, see my previous post, about Navy Washed Denim from the same collection. I don't really have much to add - they are about the same, quality-wise. Unfortunately Indigo Denim does stain somewhat when you go at it with polish remove. Nothing a bit of soap won't handle though.
This time, the mani lasted two days with some minor chipping on index fingers & thumbs (that I filled in) and almost no tipwear. These pictures were taken just before I removed it.

P2 denim Delight - 030 Indigo Denim
2 coats + 1 coat Essence BTGN

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