Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shopping mania

Naturally, besides work and uni, I'm busily spending my hard-earned money. Instead of saving it like a good girl. I need to find some way to get a grip on my (mild, I swear!) shopping addiction. Not having any ready money to spend is a good temporary deterrent, but not a solution.
I tried withdrawing only the small amounts I need for the cantine and such. Didn't work. I tried leaving my cards at home. Didn't work. Any suggestions?

Anyway way. Stuff I bought. Much more interesting topic.

On Saturday, while still enamoured with shiny flakies and sparkles I went to look for a very deep dark blue, creme or with minimal shimmer and to sound out the duochrome options in the regular shops before I turn to ordering online (very unsatisfactory).

I ended up getting Lara from Douglas Absolute Nails (11ml for 4,95€), a very dark royal blue with blue shimmer. I have read so many conflicting opinions about Douglas's polishes, I decided to give them another try. It was also the only polish in the colour I was looking for that didn't cost 10€+, so my decision was easy. Still, I now have three and I'm going leave it at that until I've tried them myself properly.

And since I was in a blue mood, I also grabbed the Anny mini-set Blue Ocean - Miami Beach (3 x 6ml for 9,95€). I think it was a limited edition available last summer, one of the Douglas shops in Bonn still has a bunch, together with the similar autumn trio Havana Meets Miami (I was tempted, but ultimately they're not my colours).
Picture of four nail polishes: Douglas Absolute Nails Lara, Anny Blue Ocean - Miami Beachset

And yesterday, I just happened to pass a TK Maxx... *cough* My first Color Club polishes! The brand is not available in Germany, so I was very happy to find it. Apart from this set from the Back to Boho Collection, there were also some sets from the Foiled and the All About French Collections, all for just 9€. I've no idea, what the regular price for these is, but at 1,50€ (I'm not counting the top-coat) per bottle, I can't complain.
Picture a set of seven polishes from the Back to Boho LE from Color Club

I also saw 3 different and somewhat randomly combined sets of OPI polishes, apparently from some Texas themed collection. I was very tempted but... reason won. Especially since I always only liked one of the two polishes in all three sets.

I'm not going to hurry with swatches of these, since they are all from past collections. They'll have to wait until I order more nail tips. Looks like I'll need to get 2 packs at once, with the backlog I'm building...

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